Slow Dive
Casa Chihuahua

Eco-friendly Dive center and Bed &Breakfast in Bayahibe – Dominican Republic
The best place in Bayahibe, DR, to sleep, dive and live authentic adventures!

What we do

slow dive

Slow Dive

Dive center

Slow adventures

Slow Adventures

Outback excursions and adventure trips


Casa Chihuahua

Bed & Breakfast

Who we are

Julie David

We are Julie & David, a belgian couple passionate by the local culture and environment. We fell in love with Dominican Republic and, after travelling around the world, we decided we wanted to settle here in Bayahibe and create our own diving and excursion trips. We also participate in some local educational programs about marine conservation. Republic is our second homeland, and we want to share a part of it with you, and make you discover its natural resources and great people!

Another idea of Dominican Republic

For many people, Dominican Republic is seen as a touristic country, with only all-inclusive luxury resorts and nothing to do apart from drinking rum on the beach. Although we like the good Dominican rhum, for us, it is much more than that! We love Dominican Republic, first, because of the people. Dominican Republic is still one of the few countries in the world where people are truly good, and where foreigners are welcomed to be part of their family. Then, because of the natural and cultural beauty it has to offer. Amazing landscapes, typical life, beautiful beaches, you won’t leave without humming a Merengue or Bachata song!

Small like a chihuahua

We want to stay small… like a chihuahua! Our world is run by more and more big companies. We want to stay a small family business, sustainable, ethical and fair-trade, to offer some quality services at reasonable prices. We chose to buy a little Dominican style house in the village, instead of an apartment in a closed condominium, because this is where we belong. We like to live with the people, and we want to contribute to preserve Bayahibe’s village authentic life and architecture. The name Casa Chihuahua was also given because of our small dogs that we adopted and rescued, with Collares Rojos.


We are passionate about nature and we do our best to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as we can, like reducing the amount of plastic we use, or consuming local food products. Either when diving with us, going to an adventure trip, or staying in our Bed & Breaksfast, you can be part of some projects we support, do or learn something about how to protect the environment. We participate as volunteers in some local non-profit projects. You can join us as a volunteer too during your holidays and contribute to a coral restauration program operated by Fundemar, and add something else in the country than just money.